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Scouting in Pennington Borough
George Washington Council

March 30, 1938: At a recent meeting of the local Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts leaders, held at the home of Joseph Volk of Burd Street, plans were made to conduct a campaign to raise money for current expenses and the purchase of a club house. The club house will be used as a meeting place for the various troops in the community. (Part of a longer article. . . jos)
May 25, 1938: A article entitled "Program of Memorial Day Celebration Completed" mentions that the following troops will participate: The Hopewell Boy Scouts, the Blawenburg Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and a troop from St. Michael's. (The interesting thing here is the mention of a troop from St. Michael's. . . jos)
July 27, 1938: Edmond Burroughs, John Bennett, Gordon Wimpenny, Carl Shuster, John Shuster, Leonard Schulnitz and Peter Kosbey, members of the local Boy Scouts, Troop 41, left on Saturday for a two week stay at Camp Parhaquarra. The boys were taken in automobile by some of the local citizens and will be under the supervision of Arthur H. Stetser, assistant scoutmaster.
October 5, 1938: An article about a Borough Council meeting contains the following: "Alfred Hill was present and represented the local Boy Scouts. He requested that permission be granted for the establishment of a camp and fire place at Kunkel Park. The matter was referred to the park and shade tree commission."
December 28, 1938: Members of Boy Scout Troop 41 held a dinner and Christmas party on Tuesday evening at Fisher's Tea Room on the River Road. About 35 scouts and 20 fathers were present, including Arthur Stetser scoutmaster and Raymond T. Hill assistant scoutmaster.
April 5, 1939: Under direction of Scoutmaster Arthur H. Stetser and Assistant Scoutmaster Raymond Hill, Troop 41, of the local Boy Scout organization gave a demonstration of Scouting Thursday evening March 30, at the high school, South Main Street.
May 3, 1939: Mentions a meeting in the Central High gym. Scoutmaster benediction was given by Don Sommers. (This seems to be the last article that relates to this troop. The troop may have lapsed at this point. . . jos)
The above excerpts are from the Hopewell Herald.

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