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April 11, 1945: In a fairly long article about an upcoming drive to collect clothing, the following sentence appears. "Articles are to be taken to the Boy Scout house on North Main Street next door to the bank. which has been donated for use through the courtsy of Father Frank of St. James RC Church."
(This could have been one of two banks. The Pennington Savings and Loan, 10 North Main Street on the west side of Main Street, or the First National Bank of Pennington, 1 North Main Street at the intersection of Main and East Delaware. I tend to believe it was the First National Bank. . . jos)
Through 1946: There are some references to the Boy Scout troop, such as participation in the July 4th celebration and the Memorial Day Parade, without including details such as troop number or names of participations.
October 23, 1946: Article about Pennington Girl Scouts raising funds for the Scout House on North Main Street. Not clear whether the house is being shared by the Girl Scouts and the Boy Scouts. In 1946, there were five Girl Scout troops in Pennington. The Girl Scouts seem to have an article in the Hopewell Herald almost every week.
September 24, 1947: Mentions Troop 86 of Harbourton. Not pertinent to Pennington, but interesting historically.
November 17, 1948: The Boy Scouts, Troop 41 reported they have written every Latin American Republic offering to trade with them a troop or an American Flag for flags of their native land or troops. Mr. Thomas Mooney, scoutmaster of the troop promises to let the Trail publish the results and any letters they receive. (Anyone know what the Trail is?)
February 2, 1949: Boy Scout Troop No. 41 will attend the Boy Scout church service at the Trinity Episcopal Church, Princeton on Sunday. The troop will be under the direction of their leader Thomas Mooney. This service is part of the program that commemorates the National Boy Scout Week.
March 16, 1949: Mentions a patrol leaders training program to be given at the Pennington School and includes several names.
April 6, 1949: Court of Honor at Pennington School.
February 15, 1950: Henry Weeks, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weeks of South Main Street became an Eagle Scout on Saturday in a Court of Honor held at the Shaw Memorial Chapel of the Pennington School. He is the youngest Scout of Eagle rank in the country. 120 merit badges were presented at this time to local Scouts, under the leadership of Scoutmaster Thomas Mooney. (This is a long article with many names. . . jos)
February 14, 1951: Phillip Robins, Eagle Scout Troop 41, has been selected as the outstanding Scout of this area. Other Eagles includ Henry Weeks Jr. and Donald Ditmars. William Sanders is Scoutmaster of Troop 41, which is sponsored by the Pennington School. The school has placed clubroom facilities at the group's disposal as well as the gym and the swimming pool. Once a month, swimming instruction is given by a member of the American Red Cross.
April 18, 1951: 37 Tenderfoot Scouts join Troop 41 at the Shaw Memorial Chapel. Troop 41 participated in the bait casting and jamboree cooking events at the Scout Circus which was held at the Armory in Trenton. William Sanders in Scoutmaster.
November 21, 1951: Scout Troop visits West Point. (lots of names)
June 4, 1952: Court of Honor held by Boy Scout Troop 41. The Lions Club now sponsors the Troop. (lots of names)
September 17, 1952: The first Fall meeting of Troop 41 will be held at the Pennington School, under the direction of Scoutmaster William Johannsen. George Fernsler is the commissioner.
February 11, 1953: The Boy Scouts will stage a paper drive.
August 5, 1953: Mr. and Mrs. Fernsler visited Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimaron, NM. (interesting article)
August 12, 1953: Members of Boy Scout troop 41 enjoyed a weeks stay at Camp Pahaquarra.
August 12, 1953: Members of Boy Scout troop 41 enjoyed a weeks stay at Camp Pahaquarra.
January 13, 1954: The Lions Club will sponsor the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts Night at its regular dinner - meeting at Landwehr's Restaraunt. Earl Van Hise is scoutmaster, cubmaste is James Lawrence. (article includes many names)
November 20, 1957: (Pennington Press)
Troop 41 honors four Eagle Scouts at their Court of Honor. The new Eagles are William Antheil, George Cheatle, Robert Flynn, and Martin Fritach. (article includes many other names)
November 1957: (Pennington Press)
The new Scout Hut on Reading Avenue is now ready for occupancy after the heating is installed. Built by volunteer labor and funds contributed by the Lions Club, the Scout Hut sits on Borough Propery rented to Troop 41 at a dollar a year fee.
March 4, 1976: Boy Scout troop 41 held their annual Family Dinner Court of Honor at the scout house, Reading Avenue. The troop is in the Stony Brook District.
(The above exerpts are from the Hopewell Valley News, the Hopewell Herald, and the Pennington Press.)

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