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Troop 42 Scouting in Pennington
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Troop 42 was first chartered in the Fall of 1965, sponsored by the Pennington Methodist Church. At the time, Troop 41 and Troop 44 were so large that there was a need to start a new troop. During the 1960s, Troop 41 registered about 80 scouts, Troop 42 registered about 30 scouts, and Troop 44 registered about 46 scouts, for a total of 156 scouts in Pennington Boy Scouting units. The first Troop 42 scoutmaster was Radcliff (Cliff) Van Dyke.
During the late 1960s and the 1970s there was a significant nation-wide loss of interest in Scouting. As the number of scouts declined and leaders became more difficult to register, Troop 42 eventually came to a end, sometime around 1977. Since that time, there has been a renewed interest in Scouting and the two remaining troops are doing well.
"When Troop 44 reached maximum capacity in 1965, we started Troop 42 at the Methodist Church to take care of our overflow so no boy would be denied Scouting. A group of boys joined Troop 42 together and all graduated out of Scouting together at 18, leaving the Troop with no one to continue it. By that time Troop 44 had room for new boys to join Scouting and there was no incentive to re-activate Troop 42. I recruited Byron Lovell and Ed Guernsey, both Presbyterians but not in Scouting at the time, to do the work to start Troop 42." (from Don Wright, active leader in Troop 44 for many years)
"The first scoutmaster was Dick Jabbs from 1965 through approximately 1967, then Radcliff Van Dyke from 1967 through 1972 and then Jack Knight from 1972 to 1976. Not sure if there was anyone after Jack." (from Fred Harris, the first Troop 42 Eagle Scout; Fred's brother, David Harris was the last Eagle Scout from Troop 42)

May 2, 2004