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Eagle Dinner 1963

Some Camp Memories From Doug Remer
George Washington Council

Thanks to The Reverend Douglas Remer for the following material. Doug said that he would love to hear from some of his old friends and trade stories. You can send email to Doug using my email address (available on the Home Page). Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that I will have his up-to-date address.
"Anyone who was active in the OA from about 1964 through 1970 will probably remember me. I was Lodge Chief in 1966, Area 2-C Vice Chief in 1967, and Area 2-C Chief in 1968. At least I think I have those dates right -- it's been a while! I joined Troop 11, then sponsored by Covenant Presbyterian Church in Ewing Township, in September of 1959, the week after I turned 11."
"My memories of Camp Buck spring from those times. It was used, I believe, for an occasional District Camporee, and I know that my troop used it pretty regularly for our annual father and son camp-outs. Our Scoutmaster was a man named Elivin T. Young. He had been a POW during World War II, and decided upon his return to become active as a Scout leader as a result of his POW experiences -- he wanted to prepare boys for what he had gone through. We celebrated his tenth anniversary as Scoutmaster in 1960, shortly after I joined the troop, so I gather he began it in 1950. The George Washington Council headquarters were then located in a small building next to Covenant Church, so my troop was often called on to help with Council functions. We made the annual Report to the Governor on at least two occasions (the dent in the left andiron in front of the fireplace in the Governor's ceremonial outer office was put there by Ricky Robbin's head when he fainted), and several of us also made a special promotional movie with then Governor Richard Hughes. We were filmed at Morven, then the Governor's home, and the movie was shown at the 1965 New York World's Fair (where I served for a week at the Scout pavilion)."
"As for the 'Rock', the Council camp near Lambertville, NJ, I helped to build the fireplace in the main building (on the right of the road as you enter). All of those stones are from that site, I believe, and I can tell you that they were all placed there by many of us who spent many hours on that project."
"My favorite story about Council camps would have to be the summer of 1966 at Pahaquarra and the fire on the mountain. Earlier in the spring, some campers at Cowaw, the Scout camp next to Pahaquarra, had not entirely put out a campfire that they had built. By the end of June, the fire was smoldering underground across hundreds of acres up on the mountain. The entire camp staff joined the various fire fighting agencies in helping to put that fire out. It came very, very close to endangering Pahaquarra, coming as close as the first ridge above the camp. It took us an entire week, but we finally succeeded. I remember all too well the times when I had the middle of night shift (midnight until dawn), walking up that mountain with an Indian tank on my back, a rake in one hand and a shovel or hoe in the other. John Woodard, the Camp Director, would wake us when it was our time to leave, coming by our tents or cabins and very gently rousing us. You would never have thought of John Woodard as "gentle" in that way--he was a man's man and a Scouter's Scouter--but he had just the right touch in that situation. John was, by the way, one of the very finest professional Scouters I have ever met."

September 2, 1999