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Eagle Dinner 1963

Some Camp Memories From Rett Campbell
George Washington Council

Rett Campbell
ASM Troop 15 Ewingville
Troop 88 - Princeton

I think it was 1964 when three boys from Troop 56 (St. Paul's Church, Princeton) were fooling around with sparklers and burned down a cabin. Their names are NOT forgotten.
In 1965, the rule on radios at camp wasn't in place yet, but the ASM took away my radio to listen to the news about the WATTS riots. That same summer, some boys had their cigarettes confiscated by the camp staff and rolled up some leaves to make "cigars." Some of the leaves, Rhododendron, were apparently the same sort used by the local natives before the development of "Ex-Lax." Several boys were removed to the infirmary later that evening no longer strong enough to walk. They probably quit smoking soon then after.
A friend whose name is now on "The Wall" in our Nation's Capitol helped me move the cot of a fellow camper from his tent to the circle near our flag pole. We thought that was funny enough but could contain ourselves when he arose from his cot and walked, still asleep, across the campsite to the troop bulletin board. We thought he was "sleep-reading," until we heard a familiar sound and then watched him return, now relieved, to his cot in its outdoor location to sleep the rest of the night undisturbed.

September 2, 1999