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1959 Middlesex Council Pocket Patch
1959 Pocket Patch

Randall Holden writes:
From about 1958 to 1963 Apache had a lot of business with most of the NJ councils and the 1959 pocket patch is an example of their patches. All were woven and made in Paterson, once the 'silk capital of the world'. I believe this show was held at the armory but not 100% sure.

Middlesex Council 1969 Expo Paatch
1969 Expo Patch

RWS, Round, Twill, BoyPower Patches
Johnson Historical Museum Patch
Middlesex Council BSA

The National Headquarters of the Boy Scouts of America was located in New Brunswick, New Jersey at Brunswick Circle, the intersection of US Route 1 and State Route 130. After Linden Baines Johnson became President of the United States, the BSA Headquarters moved to Irvine, Texas. The circle is gone and the former Headquarters building has been replaced with a small shopping center. (patch courtesy of Tom Ervin)
Troop 24 has been located in Edgewater Park, NJ since the late 1960s. The patch is intended to be worn on a neckerchief.

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R1GRNRWHTREDno dateTrained Leader
R2GRNRWHTBLUno dateTrained Leader
R3GRNRWHTREDno dateNew Jersey
 ORGRORGWHTno dateMuseum
eX1969BLKRM/CYEL1969Boy Power