SEMEOS District 1981 Camporee Patch
1981 Camporee Patch
SEMEOS District 1984 Spring Camporee Patch
1984 Spring Camporee Patch
SEMEOS District 1984 Mall Show Patch
1984 Mall Show Patch
SEMEOS District 1984 Fall Camporee Patch
1984 Fall Camporee Patch
SEMEOS District 1985 Fall Challenge Patch
1985 Fall Challenge Patch
SEMEOS District 1986 Klondike Patch
1986 Klondike Patch

SEMEOS District Patch Set 1981-1986
Thomas A. Edison Council

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The name, SEMEOS,which sounds like it might be an Indian word, is actually an acronym for the names of the six townships within the district; South River, Edison, Metuchen, East Brunswick, Old Bridge, and Spotswood. The name was chosen by a contest held within the district and the winner was the son of Art Ford. At that time, Art was Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 36 in Old Bridge and Tom McMillan was the Scoutmaster.
SEMEOS District started as part of the Thomas A. Edision Council. When TAEC merged with the George Washington Council, SEMEOS became part of Cenral New Jersey Council.

Bdr R/C Bkg Name Year Comment
RED R YEL BLK 1981 4-sided
RED R WHT RED 1984 rectangle
YEL/td> R WHT RED 1984 square
GRN R WHT RED 1984 3-sided
YEL R WHT GRN 1985 rectangle
RED R BLU RED 1986 square