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1969 to December 31, 1998

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On January 1, 1999, Thomas A. Edison Council merged with George Washington Council to form the new Central New Jersey Council. This page discusses some of the history of Thomas A. Edison Council.
In the year of 1969 a proposal to merge and consolidate Raritan Council of Perth Amboy and Middlesex Council of Edison was about to take place. These two councils were serving the area scouts from the early 1920s. Middlesex Council had been formerly located in Highland Park but was now located in the Camp Kilmer section of Edison. Raritan Council was located in Perth Amboy.
The Red and White Council strip was issued in 1969-70 era after the merger of the Raritan and Middlesex Councils. The Thomas A. Edison strip, issued in the early 1970s, was determined by a contest in the council. It was recommended, at the time, that the patch reflect the likeness of the man, not his inventions.
Merger Events
The first event to commemorate the combining of the councils as the Thomas A. Edison Council was Expo Boypower held in the spring of 1969. This mini-jamboree type of event, the largest of its kind ever held in the area, was held in Johnson Park in Piscataway and introduced the new council and districts to the membership. The council eventually purchased a piece of property in central Edison and renovated the new "council office." A contest was held to develop a new council strip, and the theme was to honor Thomas Edison, the man.
Council Camps
Cowaw, Kittatinny, Sakawawin
At the time, the new council owned two camps, Camp Cowaw (Raritan Council) on the Delaware and Sakawawin Scout Reservation (Middlesex Council) in Stokes State Forest. With the eventual close of Cowaw because of the Tocks Island Dam Project, Sakawawin was now to become our only camp. In the early 1970s, the camp was to be expanded, with the original side being Sakawawin and the new section Cowaw. Under the guidance of Scout Executive Ken Davis, a major expansion had taken place. A new lake, campsites, and facilities had been constructed. This was then called Thomas A. Edison Scout camps. As the years grew, so did the camp, And finally a new name, Kittatinny Mountain Scout Reservation was taken, recognizing the mountains surrounding the camp.
Order of Arrow
Narraticong Lodge 9 History
Narraticong Lodge 9 Patches
Another significant change would be to combine the two Order of the Arrow Lodges. Cowaw Lodge #9 and Sakawawin Lodge #287 would have to become one. In late 1969, twenty arrowmen attended Sakawawin Scout Reservation, and this group created the new "Narraticong Lodge #9" named after a small group of "Delawares" that lived south of the Raritan River. A new set of bylaws and totem was to be chosen, initially the totem of the Beaver and Pine Tree was used. The first lodge flap had the new totem, the mosquito, which was quite abundant in our area. In 1971 Narraticong hosted the area 2-C conference, also the year of our 50th anniversary as a lodge.
Council Patches
District Patches
The history Thomas A. Edison Council seen through its patches. We welcome your help toward completing this collection.
The Future
It is now up to us, we can go forward with a great new Council and Lodge, we have the chance to re-write history again, as all of the great scouts and scouters have done before us. Let us not lose sight of the traditions created by them; let us create some of our own.
Bruce E. Weigel
Vigil Member
Lodge Chief 1974
Merger Committee 1969
Camp Staff-Council Staff
August 12, 1999

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