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After the application has been accepted by the board of review, and appropriately signed by the members of the board, the application, the project report, references, and a properly completed Advancement Report are forwarded to the council service center.

When the application arrives at the council service center, the Scout executive signs it to certify that the proper procedure has been followed and that the board of review has recommended the candidate for the Eagle Award. The Eagle Scout service project and references are retained by the council. These may be returned to the Scout after his court of honor. Only the Eagle Scout application is forwarded to the national Eagle Scout Service.

The Eagle Scout Service screens the application to ascertain information such as proper signature, positions of responsibility, tenure between ranks, and age of the candidate. Any item not meeting national standards will cause the application to be returned for more information. If the application is in order, the Scout is then certified as an Eagle Scout by the Eagle Scout Service on behalf of the National Council. Notice of approval is given by sending the Eagle Scout Certificate to the local council. The date used on the certificate will be the date of the board of review. The Eagle Award must not be sold or given to any unit until after the certificate is received by the council service center. The Eagle Scout court of honor should not be scheduled until the local council receives the Eagle rank credentials.