book cover

Boots, Packs, Paddles
Cowaw Lodge 9
Raritan Council

Doug Walker writes:
The above photo shows the front page of a booklet published as a fundraiser by Cowaw Lodge #9 in 1965 and sold for $1.00 each. The booklet is about 120 pages long, covers a history of the Cowaw Lodge, camping areas in NY/NJ/PA, Scout camps in the same states, places of interest in each of the three states and High Adventure ideas at the bases and for local program. It's a great window into local Scouting history. The booklet measures 8.5x11 inches and was preserved by Al Zusman. Anyone have a copy?
Al Zusman writes:
Cowaw Lodge 9 created the booklet and used it as a fund raiser during the late 1950s and the 1960s. It was the work of a committee of the Lodge. During that time period the Lodge and the council camp were almost one unit. The OA at that time was The Honor Society of Scout Campers and its purpose was taken with gusto. I cannot recall during that time frame when the Lodge Chief was not a ranking member of the camp staff. The lodge helped open and close camp with the ordeal and work weekends. Lodge members who were not on staff were always welcome in camp. The adults on the camping committee were almost all lodge members and served as advisors to many committees. During the time I was chief, my advisor was one of the men who helped purchase the land for the camp from George Washington council. This was a most special time for Scout camping and the OA. It was seen as a true honor to be part of both.

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