ArrowCorp5 Leader Patches
Central New Jersey Council
Sakuwit 2 Lodge

In year 2008, the Sakuwit Lodge listed 15 patches, 5 contingent patches, 5 fundraiser patches, 5 leader patches. I have been told that ArrowCorp actually had another set of 5 patches, but I have not been able to locate any further information about this.
It appears that the leader patches were never circulated. Later, in 2011-2012, Sakuwit Lodge dropped the 5 leader patches and re-organized the patch identification numbers (ie: S41 was re-assigned to S36, S42 was re-assigned to S37, etc.. Click the above patch to see the full set of deleted patches in a new window. It is important to realize that patch numbers, shown on the patches, have been re-assigned and now point to an entirely different set of patches. Comparing the re-assinged S-patch numbers with the 2006 Blue Book can lead to considerable confusion. The current plan is to wait until the new Blue Book is published and then reconcile the patch identification.
Dr. Larry Gering writes:
"You might want to add a few comments stating that the silver 'Leader SMY border' sets did actually make it into circulation, to some extent."
Larry is quite correct that some of the Leader patches are available for trading. There is much about this that is difficult to understand. What was the reason for re-assigning the numbers? How, or why, were the patches re-assigned? There is an expectation that when numbers are re-assigned, the original patches are destroyed, usually just burn them up. Apparently, that did not happen in this case.

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