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George Washington Council
Sanhican Lodge 2

The Trenton Lodge of the Order of the Arrow was first formalized in February 1919. William Durling, with Harry Biles, Edwin Fisher, Frank Groom and J. Oliver Smith went to Philadelphia Council's Scout Reservation, Treasurer Island, in the Delaware River near Frenchtown, New Jersey for induction into the Order of the Arrow by Unami Lodge No. 1.
These five men and a few members from Unami Lodge No. 1 assisted in inducting six more candidates into the Ordeal Honor, on August 6, 1920, on Park Island in the Delaware River, across from Sanhican Drive, Trenton, NJ. A business meeting followed, during which the first officers were elected and the Lodge officially name the "Trenton Lodge> During this meeting it was decided that candidates were inducted into the lodge.
In 1922 a constitution and by-laws were adopted and a totem was designed (Rattlesnake). The name of the Lodge was changed from Trenton Lodge to "Sanhican Lodge" (along the water). On October 16, 1922, William Durling was the lodge's first member elected to the Vigil Honor. By 1926 the total membership of Sanhican Lodge was 105.
During its 60 years, Sanhican Lodge constructed two buildings. In September, 1926, the lodge built a Lodge House on Rotary Island. This building was later sold to a boy's club. In 1954 the membership voted to build a permanent building at Pahaquarra Scout Reservation. Named in memory of the late Harold Keller, the "Pop Keller" Cabin served the Lodge and council until the reservation was sold in 1971.
As with all organizations, Sanhican Lodge established its own traditions over the years. In 1929, the the traditions of the Annual Summer pigrimage and winter banquet were started. The tradition of presenting new Vigil Honor members with a trinagle with appropriate arrows and Indian neme painted on its face began in 1966. Our lodge's tradition of holding all Ordeals before the pilgrimage weekend began with membership approval during the Summer, 1968 meeting.
Over the years, Sanhican Lodge has donated not only cheerful service to the George Washington Council, buut also some much needed office equipment. When the Council was given its present building for use as a service center, the brothers of Sanhican Lodge donated their services and equipment to assist in making it suitable for service to the scouts and scouters of our Council.
The same cheeful service holds true for the council's camps. Since its earliest days, the Brothers of Sanhican Lodge have given tremendous amounts of equipment and cheeful service to the old Camp Pahaquarra and the present George Washington Reservation ("The Rock") and Yards Creek Scout Reservation, the council's long-term summer camp. Every year the brothers pitch in to set up these camps in the Spring and assist in taking them down in the Fall.
Sanhican Lodge has five chapters, following the districts of the council. During the last 60 years, the lodge has had many fine scouts and scouters join its ranks. They have given a great amount of cheerful service to the lodge, the council, the various districts, and local units.

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July 20, 2005