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Solid Flap Patches 1997-1999
George Washington Council
Sanhican 2 Lodge

The 1997 Prototype 5 flap is not in the Blue Book and is not an official issue. Sanhican Lodge 2 merged with Narraticong Lodge 9 after the end of year 1999 to form Sakuwit Lodge 2.
Note the differences is the Lodge snake over the years. In 1997, the snake is big, with a friendly, slightly suspecious look. In 1994, the snake has a rather ferocious appearance.

Ed Dworak writes about the Lodge snake
"To my knowledge it has always been a coiled rattlesnake. Some of the patches are referred to as "worm" patches due to the skinny snake but it's always been a coiled rattlesnake. Also In my era all of the flaps featured a "teepee" and the "sole" of a hiking boot because the tenants of the lodge were to promote hiking and camping".

Solid Flaps Row 5, all columns
prototype 5 provided by Ed Dworak

S19see NOAC issue1994
S20see NOAC issue1996
S25see NOAC issue1998

S26:  BLK, "80th", YEL, "1919-1999", w/o FDL, PB