sanhican lodge undated Hat Pin
sanhican lodge undated Hat Pin
sanhican lodge 1994 Hat Pin
1994 Hat Pin
sanhican lodge 1932 gold pin

1920s, 1932, 1948 Gold Pin, 1994 Hat Pin
George Washington Council
Sanhican Lodge 2

Three hat pins are shown on the left. The only date we have for the hat pins is 1994. Can anyone provide dates for the other two pins?

This is a nice example of the lodge rattlesnake coiled around an arrow. The blue background for the 1920s and 1948 pins has not been removed because of the difficulty. Can anyone provide a better photo?

Bill Topkis writes:
"Sanhican Lodge issued three pins. The first pin dates to the 1920s. We know it was not issued by 1923, but shortly thereafter. The one shown above is from 1932 and is 10 caret gold. A similar pin was issued about 1948. The 1948 pin does not have the arrow behind the snake (considered redundant). The original pins were not allowed to have arrow guard pins, but was approved in 1928 (although Minsi Lodge 5 used a two part pin starting in 1922)."

"This pin comes as two types:
  Type I:  no chain, no guard arrow (see above)
  Type II: has chain and guard arrow (see above)"

"Sanhican Lodge has (at least) two type II pins. The first was issued circa 1932 (shown above). The second one dates to 1948 and has only a single arrow (the snake does not coil around an arrow). Also, note, all of the Type I and Type II pins described here are gold."

Lodge Issues Row 2, Column 6
hat pin courtesy Ed Dworak  
gold pin courtesy Bill Topkis