(unless otherwise stated, all area codes are 609)

Mercer Medical Center               394-4000
Princeton Medical Center            497-4000

Dog Warden                          737-1928
Fire Department                     737-0381
First Aid Squad                     737-0479
Hopewell Valley School District     737-0105
Mercer County Library               737-2610
Pennington Borough Hall             737-0276
Pennington Free Public Library      737-0404
Town Clerk                          737-0276
US Postal Service                   737-1115

Pennington Borough                  737-2020
Hopewell Township                   737-3100
New Jersey State Police             737-0101

Boy Scouts of America               419-1600
Girl Scouts of America          800-572-2656
Hopewell Valley Adult School        737-1875
Hopewell Valley Historical Society  737-7751
Hopewell Valley YMCA                737-3048
Little League                       737-3671

Abiding Presence Lutheran           882-7759
Bethel AME                          737-0922
First Assembly of God               737-2282
First Baptist Church                737-3317
Firt United Methodist Church        737-1375/0225
Pennington Presbyterian             737-1221
St. James Roman Catholic            737-0122
St. Matthew's Episcopal             737-0985/0506

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