Pennington Court is the exciting new development of shopping and residential areas that promises to re-vitilize downtown Pennington Borough. Click on any of the photos below for a better view of the image.

The project includes renovation of the building at 12 West Delaware Avenue (photo 4), demoliton of one building and renovation of a second building on a South Main Street (photo 1). The building being renovated is 18 (downstairs) and 20 (upstairs) South Main Street. The demolished building includes 12, 14, 14A, 16 South Main Street.

The building at 12 West Delaare Avenue was sold as of March, 1999.

January 1, 1998

January 8, 1998

June 3, 1998

Delaware Avenue

June 6, 1998


More Pipes

  • Photo 1: the two buildings on South Main Street before work begins
  • Photo 2: the building on South Main Street being removed
  • Photo 3: the remaining building at South Main Street with new windows and siding
  • Photo 4: the building at 12 West Delaware Avenue, before renovation
  • Photo 5: the building at 12 West Delaware Avenue, new windows, siding, entrance
  • Photo 6: storm drainage system
  • Photo 7: unloading cement pipe

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April 2, 1999