Carmen R. Manzoni

Hello you wonderful people! I am one of the fortunate people to have been raised in this beautiful town of Pennington! Nursery school through high school. I cherish every memory!

As a child I enjoyed the protection I received from it, the woods to play in, the creeks to explore. I remember riding my bike 2 miles into town to explore, AT THE AGE OF SEVEN! Where could you do that today? I met so many great people! Most people don't measure up to the quality of the people that I have met, spend time with, went to school with, played with, and respected, from the Pennington area. They were all great!

Unfortunately, my parents divorced when I was 13 years old and living in the Pennington area. This curtailed and overshadowed my mostly positive experieces in Pennington. I naturally selected most of my closest friends that were going through the same thing at the time. I hope you all are well and prosperous. I would love to hear from all of you. Sadly, because of this "natural selection process", I know I missed out on establishing relationships with a lot of other quality people in the Pennington area. So please, you great people that I didn't know well, please contact me also, I would love to hear how you are all doing. I respected and admired most of you! (Except maybe you, Paul C. Ha-Ha!)

I lived in the Pennington area from 1962 to 1982. I graduated Ho-Val in 1981. In 1982 I went in the US Army.(Boy, did I need it!) I ended up being a decorated Airborne Sergeant who excelled in everything I did. I lived in Italy for two years and traveled most of Europe, while in the Army. I finished my tour in Oklahma. I moved to Lynchburg, Virginia when I got out of the Army and lived there for two years. I then moved up to Lambertville, NJ for a year. Then to Cape May, NJ and worked for my father as a real estate appraiser. It is there that I got married and had a great gift from God, named John Luke. He was born in 1990. I finally went back to school and earned a degree in electronics. My new family and I moved to Clearwater, FL. I work here in Florida as an Electronic Quality Control Manager in a small electronics company. We are doing great and love it here! Even though I'm living on the Gulf of Mexico with the palm trees, beautiful beaches, and all the lovely tanned ladies, it still doesn't compare to PENNINGTON!

To the creators of this web page, THANK YOU! Visiting this site really triggered some great memories! You guys are great. If if ever need any financial support, please call on me and I will give graciously. I would love to continue to visit Pennington at the click of a button, to refresh my memories. Thanks Again!! Pennington is great!! To everyone again, please contact me! And who knows, maybe we can help you out with a cheap vacation in Florida. We do have a very large guest room with a private entrance and we have a heated pool! (Except you Paul C., I wouldn't trust you with my beautiful wife! Ha-Ha). Love you all.

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Received on Feb 20, 1999