titus's cabinetware

Titus's Cabinet Ware Manufactory

This handsome looking building no longer exists. The building was located on South Main Street, roughly between the current Electro Society Building and the old Post Office, south of the intersection of Delaware Avenue and Main Street. The sign reads "D. C. Titus, Cabinet Ware Manufactory". I love the stone block curbing.
D. C. Titus was engaged in the undertaking and furniture business for a number of years. He had taken over the enterprise (in 1851) that originally had been established by John Titus five years previously. The proprietor of the three-storied building maintained a furniture salesroom on the first floor. On the second floor, manufacturing of furniture was done as well as cabinet making. Large barns and sheds for the hearse, horses, and carriages completed the physical plant. (Pennington Profile)
Notice the large door above the two second story windows. This was probably an arrangement for raising and lowering heavy furniture.

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updated January 2017
posted September 2003