43 South Main

43 South Main Street

marker The earliest building to be completed in Pennington Boro and still standing. Currently, this is the Queenstown Gallery, a haven for artists featuring prints, art restoration and art supplies.
In the late 1700s, there was some extension of the village to the south of the Presbyterian graveyard, on the east side of the present South Main Street. The property immediately south of the graveyard (originally the site of John Smith's dwelling and store) contained two dwellings in the late-eighteenth century. It is unclear whether either of these structures dated from the early-eighteenth century. The northernmost dwelling changed hands a number of times in the 1790s, eventually being brought by Isreal Hart, a hatter, in 1798. Hart retained the property until at least 1817, but it is not known if he actually made and sold hats on the premises.

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Ref: Hopewell: A Historical Geography
updated January 2017
posted June 2007