117 S. Main

117 South Main Street

marker Built in 1848 for Dr. Henry Welling, this is the best example of the Greek Revival style in Pennington. Giving the effect of a Greek temple, its noteworthy features include the frieze with triglyphs across the front, the circular window with a wheel design in the attic, and the pediment above the tranceway. The building was fully restored in recent years and received a 1989 Historic Preservation Award for the restoration.
Considerable residential growth accompanied a surge of educational, religious, and commercial building activity in Pennington during the second quarter of the nineteenth century. One of the few high-style houses built in the village during this period was the Greek Revival dwelling on the east side of South Main Street, erected during the late 1830s for D. Henry P. welling, a local physicain and one of the original trustees of Pennington Male Seminary.
Dr. Henry P. welling was an 1828 graduate of the College of New Jersey and later a successful candidate for a medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania. He practied medicine in Pennington for 45 years. In the later years, he was joined by his son, Edward Livingston Welling in the practice of medicine from their offices at 117 South Main Street. These were not a part of the residence, but in a separate building located near the front of the property near the present driveway.
Dr. Henry Welling was a member of the Board of Trustees for the Methodist Male Seminary. He was a director of the Mercer County Mutual Fire Insurance Company.In 1683, Dr. Henry P. Welling is listed as Township Superintendent. At one time, Dr. Henry Welling transacted postal business in his home.

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