124 South Main Street
The former Pennington Academy
No photo available at this time

marker An important development of community-wide significance was the founding of the Pennington Academy in 1815, the first in a series of new educational establishments that emerged in the village in the early-nineteeth century. The first academy building, today a private residence, was errected in 1816-17 on the west side of South Main Street on a lot sold by John Van Kirk to the trustees of the Pennington Academy. Initially founded as private school, the academy soon overshadowed the old school at the north end of the village and became the community's public school.
A new educational facility -- Pennington's third public school -- was established in 1857-1858 on the north side of School Street (now Academy Avenue). This replaced the existing public school -the former Pennington Academy -- which became a private dwelling at this time.

Ref: Hopewell: A Historical Geography
Currently, this house is being renovated and no photograph is available.

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