Some Personal Comments

The internet is very different now, compared to 1995 when I first posted this set of pages. At that time, web resources were pretty limited. Because there was not a lot of memory space, pages were written as compactly as possible. Images were almost always low-resolution black and white, and small. There wasn't a lot of bandwidth and it could take a long time to download pages.
How things have changed! Lots and lots of memory and bandwidth. Web authors like to use big, hi-resolution color images and their pages tend to download quite fast.
In year 2005, I visited the Walking Tour pages to refresh my memory about what was on the tour. I was astonished to see how out of date the pages were. They looked as though they had been written in, well, 1995. How come nobody told me how sadly the pages looked?
Anyway, I have re-organized the flow of the pages, adding larger, attractive color photos. The pages still follow the original booklet provided by the Pennington Historic Sites Committee, with no change in the original text. However, I have taken some liberties with some minor additions to improve navigation between the pages.
In early 2007, I expanded the site by adding some houses that are not included in the original booklet. At the time, I had several sets of pages of various houses scattered around the site, causing navigation of the site to be a bit confusing. This tends to make the Walking Tour a bit long, but you can do the tour in several separate visits. The web site still maintains the integrity of the original booklet.
There are many other lovely houses in Pennington besides the houses shown on this web site. I have been thinking of creating a set of pages of some of the houses that I find attractive. Perhaps it could be called "Really Lovely Houses of Pennington." After thinking about this though, it may make people angry if their house is not shown. Maybe, it might work to create a set of pages about "Really Lovely Houses That The Owners Have Paid To Have Posted."
In January 2017 I have revisited the Walking Tour and did quite of upgrading of the software. Much better. I hope you enjoy the latest set of pages. I hope you enjoy visiting our town.

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