Our route is marked in red, in the map at the left. We start at the Railroad Station, located at the top-left, at the end of Franklin Avenue, close to the railroad tracks. We walk along Franklin Avenue, then along North Main Street.
We take a short side trip along West Delaware Avenue, then continue down South Main Street. We cross South Main Street and walk north to East Delaware Avenue.
After viewing several homes along East Delaware Avenue, we come back a short distance to see some of the lovely homes along Eglantine Avenue. Finally, we continue along Eglantine Avenue to East Franklin Avenue, turn left and return to the Railroad Station.
The map on this page is a section of a larger map of Pennington Borough. Use the link below to open the Pennington Borough map in a new window. Close the window to return to this page.

Map of Pennington Borough
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Rev: Nov 7, 2005