West Delaware

Pennington United Methodist Church

The third church building used by the Methodists, the second religious congregation in Pennington organized circa 1770. The church was built in 1845, with the dress field stone and stucco front added in 1876. Much of the front was recently restored.
A nice side trip is to turn right onto Academy Avenue heading West. On the north side of the street is the Pennington Academy building, built in 1899 and expanded in 1906, and now part of the Academy Court condominiums. Across the street is the predecessor school, now the First Baptist Church, constructed in 1857 and moved to this location in 1898. The Baptists were the fifth religious congregation to organize in Pennington. The intersecting street, Crawley St., named after the Baptist first minister, was developed at the turn of the century by the church's congregants and includes an interesting group of Homestead and Colonial Revival style houses.

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