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This house is not related to the other homes from 137 to 147 South Main Street, other than being next to the George Laning house. However, so much information has been gathered, that it just seems reasonable to add this page.

In the 1930 US Census, this house was owned by Adolph and Lillian Stephan, with their seven children. I believe the family continued to grow in children. A local resident writes the following.

"When I was growing up in Pennington, the Stephan's house was known as the home of the one armed man. We feared him as we walked home from grammar school. At one time it had an ice cream shop. It had a bay window on the left and a porch that ran across most of the front. The sons removed the porch, added a small porch and covered the house with green plastic siding. The Cains restored the house to its original structure and appearance, to the best of their knowledge. It may have had two addresses due to the business."

At one time, apparently the house was a residence and an ice cream shop, with street numbers 131 and 133. When the house was restored to its original state, it was assigned the street number 131 South Main Street. Currently, there is no 133 South Main Street.

Carol Ehrlich writes the following about the Stephan family.

"The house at 133 (sic) South Main Street was occupied in the 1930s, and into the 1960s, by the large Steffens family. Mr. Steffens first name was Adolph, born in New Jersey, and his parents born in Germany. His wife Lillian was born in England. The 1930 census shows 7 children plus a boarder living in the house.
"I believe the Steffens family spelled their name Stephen. [Note: it is in the 1930 census as Steffen] Richard Stephen, one of the younger children (possibly the youngest) was in my class at school (b.abt.1931). He was one of the first Americans to die in Vietnam and is listed on the memorial in DC. One of the older sons, known as Junnie (not sure of the spelling) was either a mail carrier or postmaster (possibly both) in Pennington for many years."

The photo shows the house in the year 2005 as a lovely example of the Federal style of archecture. Note five windows on the second floor and four windows on the first floor, with the entrance in the middle. The windows are each six panes of glass over six panes of glass. There is no porch or overhang over the door. A very attractive restoration.

The US Census spells the name as Stephan. However, the notes are presented as received, without editing.

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photo taken Oct 1, 2005