Blacksmith Shop

This wonderful photo, dating from around 1907, shows the blacksmith shop, the wheelwright shop, and the barn, in the rear of the photo, between the two shops. The current 137 South Main Street would be to the left of the blacksmith shop. The wheelwright shop is now a residence at 141 South Main Street.

The blacksmith shop was a small, one-room building. The shop was never converted to a residence. Rather the shop was simply torn down and replaced with a driveway.

Much of the above information was provided by Marian Laning Worrall during a telephone call. Mrs. Worrall once lived at 143 South Main Street and I thank her for her support.

The shop appears on the Beers 1875 Atlas of Mercer County as B.S.S. (Blacksmith Shop). The blacksmith shop and the barn are gone. Lumber from the barn was used to construct the attractive two-car garage shown in the photo.

The Blacksmith Shop
The Current Garage

137 South Main Street
141 South Main Street
137-147 South Main St.