141 South Main
photo around 1907
141 South Main
photo September 2005

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The top photo is a portion of the photo supplied by Marian Laning Worrall, dated around 1907. This shows the Laning Wheelwright Shop when it was a working shop. The bottom photos shows the same shop after being converted to a residence.

The earlier photo clearly shows the brick walls and the loading deck. notice in the later photo, the ground floor door has been moved to the right side of the building, the loading deck has been replaced with a porch, and a two-story bay window has been added to the front. While much of the brick is still visible, the bay window is covered with siding. The attic window appears to be unchanged.

The 1910 US Census lists Harry and May Shepherd as the owners of 141 South Main Street. Harry works as a blacksmith. John C. Hill and his wife Matilda are listed as the owners of the house in the 1930 US Census. Clarence and Maude Eshelman were the next owners, from around 1938 until 1973.

137 South Main Street
143 South Main Street
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