143 Main Street
date unknown

143 Main Street
photo taken Sep 22, 2005

The top photo was supplied by Marian Laning Worrall. Click on each photo for more detail.

The two photos, on the left, show the house at 143 South Main Street. The top photo was taken when the house was owned by Dr. Stanley Erhlich and his family, probably around the 1930s. The second photo shows the house as it appears currently.

In the earlier photo, the house was occupied by a single family, with the main entrance facing South Main Street. Later, the right side of the house was converted to office space and became 145 South Main Street.

The main entrance, facing South Main Street, appears to be fairly unchanged. Mrs. Marian Laning Worrall said that her family would add side panels to the porch in the cold weather, creating a sort of vestibule for people entering the building. There is another photo of the house showing side railings on the porch.

139 South Main Street
145 South Main Street
137-147 South Main St.
January 8, 2006