145 Main Street
date unknown

145 Main Street
photo taken Sep 22, 2005

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143 South Main Street
147 South Main Street
137-147 South Main St.
January 8, 2006

The entrance to 145 South Main Street is on the right side of the building. Since these are the same two photos used with 143 South Main Street, you can use the links on the 143 South Main Street page to see the photos in more detail.

You can see that the porch on the right side has been shortened and the door at the rear has been replaced with a bay window.

"In 1955 my husband Stanley Ehrlich DDS and I purchased the Laning property. At that time the address was known as 145 South Main Street. Stan used the lower left side, facing the driveway, as a dental office from 1957 until about 1995. We lived in the rest of the house which had already been converted for two families. We put several additions on the back of the house." (from Ann Ehrlich)
"The door on what is now numbered as 145 was originally a window. It had been changed as part of the conversion. What is now a bay window on that side was the original "kitchen door" and there was large porch that ran all along that side of the original house." (from Ann Ehrlich)

When Mrs. Ehrlich lived here, this was simply 143 South Main Street. Currently (year 2005), the door facing South Main Street is the entrance to 143 South Main Street. The door facing the driveway, the entrance to the office of Creations Home Design Studio, is 145 South Main Street. I have no idea when the numbers were changed.