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There is a wealth of information to be found in the US Census, that can be quite difficult to locate and interpret. I have tried to locate families, for each census, living in the area of the current 137-147 South Main Street. There is more information available on the census forms, if you wish to do some research, but I did not want this to turn into a genealogy project. The information tends to focus on the Laning family because that name spans the years of interest.

Census form entries are often inaccurate and can be difficult to read. My practice is to copy the information exactly as it appears, meaning that names may appear, from census to census, with different spellings. For example, the Laning name appears as Laning, Lanning, Lamer, and Sanning. The last two spellings were a bit of a challenge to locate.

Contact me if you would like a copy of any of the original census forms. The following are some random notes that I have accumulated. I don't know what to do with them, but I don't want to discard them.

notes:                        birth         death
George Laning              11 Oct 1801    5 Aug 1882
Catherine Landis Runyan    24 Jan 1798   21 Jun 1879
Rebecca Laning             02 Sep 1828   25 Aug 1903 (daughter)
John R. Laning             01 Aug 1834   20 Dec 1905 (son)

Aaron S. Laning            02 Mar 1827   24 Dec 1905
Rebecca Young Bellis       12 Jan 1834   10 Dec 1900
Elizabeth B. Laning        10 Apr 1865   22 Mar 1940 (daughter)

Henry Landis Laning        24 Jun 1869   13 Jan 1935
Sarah May Worthington      17 Sep 1877   05 Aug 1950

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137-147 South main St.
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