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This site is not supported by any commercial venture, and is the result of hundreds of hours of work by many generous people.  Special thanks to those who have provided information, images and technical information for these pages, especially Gabe Arce, Randy Becker, Dr. Larry Gering, Terry Grove, Alanson "Tad" Hall, Randy Holden, Doug Hunkele, Fred Lang Jr., Don Lassen, John Majane, David Oertle, Robert Pochek, John Seubert, Jon Sturgis, Joe Sinniger, Don Turk, Rich Vannozzi and Bruce Weigel.  (If I have missed anyone it is purely an oversight on my part.)

The above paragraph was written by Scott Kuzma in 2003, before transferring his pages to Council, and has not been updated since that time. However, there have been numerous additional people contributing to this project and I try to mention them where appropriate within the website. Please know that all of your efforts have been appreciated.

This site is an ongoing project and any corrections, updates or images will be greatly appreciated. You may email me using the Contact Us link on the Home Page.

* * * Some Recommended Sites* * *

New Jersey Scout Museum
Excellent starting point for experiencing the history of Scouting in New Jersey. This site deserves your support.
Edited by Matthew Kaufman.

The Internet Guide to Order of the Arrow Insignia
Blue Book Notations Explained
Absolutely the best site for OA Insignia information.
Edited by John Parnell.

Camp Images
Lots and lots of camp patches.
Edited by Bill Freeman

An outstanding discussion of Scouting Venturing program.
Edited by Craig Murray.

Blue Book 6
The essential tool for every Order of the Arrow collector.
Edited by Dave Pede.

Scout Collector's Base Camp
A directory of helpful internet resources for pursuing the hobby of collecting and trading Scout memorabilia, that strives to promote collaboration and teamwork to help preserve the heritage of Scouting.
Edited by Glenn Chase.

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